Adaptive Trial Designs: 
The latest approaches to empower clinical development process and success rates

Thursday 22 April 2010
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Am Klopferspitz 18
D-82152 Martinsried


10:00 – 17:30

Adaptive Trials are an innovative approach to clinical trials that plays on the latest in clinical technologies and science to make pre-determinate adaptations to a clinical trial without compromising the statistical validity of the trial. Adaptation is a design feature, not a remedy for poor planning. 

This event will cover the latest techniques and software for accurate planning and successful execution of adaptive trials. After a review of the current international regulatory attitudes, a description of the methods and software specifically used for planning and successfully running adaptive trials will be presented.

Who Should Attend:
Pharmaceutical Companies: Medical Director, Medical Affairs Director, Medical Informatics, R&D Manager, Pharmacovigilance Operation Manager, Clinical Manager, Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Project Manager/Clinical Project Leader, Statisticians and Data Managers.
Biotech: Managing Director, Chief Medical Officer.  
Hospital Research Centre/University/Privates: Managing Director, Principal Investigator.
CRO: Managing Director, Business Development, Medical Director, Project Manager, Clinical Research Associate.


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