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CROS NT is an international Contract Research Organisation which provides functional, biometric services. Based in Verona, Italy and founded in 1992, CROS NT has built a strong heritage in biostatistics as well as providing clinical data management, medical communications and pharmacovigilance services to the life science industry. Having completed over 800 studies in a variety of therapeutic areas, CROS NT is well-established in delivering quality, timely and cost effective service across all phases of drug development.


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, the IT entity of CROS NT, provides technology solutions to the pharma industry such as ePRO, data integration and hosting, computer system validation and software development to increase the success rate of clinical trials. As an Oracle BPO and Gold Level Partner, ARITHMOS can license Oracle applications as well as provide the installation, integration and hosting services. ARITHMOS also has the ability to develop technology in-house such as its PPMS – Project Portfolio Management System – which manages all aspects of a clinical trial from contract development, business resources and operational plans. Project governance between quality data analysis and technology is the ARITHMOS niche for superior clinical trials.  


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About Oracle Health Sciences

Oracle is a leading strategic software solutions provider to the health sciences industry, helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare organizations become the most successful in the world by offering the most innovative products and services that deliver the most compelling customer and shareholder value. Oracle's comprehensive industry solutions include clinical trial management and analysis, electronic data capture, adverse event reporting and pharmacovigilance, and healthcare interoperability. Oracle partners with health sciences industry leaders – including 20 of the top 20 life sciences companies and 14 of the top 14 Fortune Global 500 healthcare organizations – to prevent and cure disease, enhance quality of life, and accelerate insights for better health.


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